About SASG

We are SASportsgear.com an online sports store that specialises in getting you the right gear you need to enjoy your game to the fullest. Our team works with great suppliers and partners to source and deliver quality sports equipment and kit for all your favourite sports: soccer, netball, hockey, rugby, basketball, MMA (mixed martial arts), track and field athletics, volleyball, handball and many more.

Why a sports business, Sam?

As South Africans, sport runs through our veins, we live in an incredible environment where we are exposed to sport in all ways, shapes and forms. We are influenced by it differently and each have a unique story to tell about how we are where we are and do what we do. Whether you’re a top professional athlete, a hoarse Mom on the side-lines of a high-school hockey match, or a group of old friends putting together a seven-a-side team to get a run on Tuesday nights, sport is a part of you.

SASportsgear.com has a colourful history that evolved from bricks (a physical retail store) and “kicks” (pounding the pavements at sports events) driven by the passion of its founder Mark. In 2015 I took over the reins and we have had fun exploring the world of retail ever since.

Raising a young family made me acutely aware of how my lifestyle and our relationship with sport influences my children today and in the future. Long story short, I’ve said goodbye to my corporate desk, laced up my takkies and taken to juggling a new perfectly imperfect life balance between home, businesses and a way more active lifestyle.

So, it’s a sports business because we are passionate about sport and more especially about people and their own unique sport journeys. We work hard to deliver products and services to amp up your sport experience and make it as awesome as possible.

Why are you so passionate about service, Nikki?

Why isn’t everybody? We often get requests for items that are not easy to find, especially in outlying areas of South Africa, like a training javelin or a high jump mat, for me it’s great to be able to source these products and ship them out as quickly as possible so that the client (or their child or school or friend) can use the equipment and learn and improve their activity.

It also makes work way more fun when you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s been great getting to know our clients over the years.

What’s so different?

We take it beyond just a click. If it is a simple order we challenge ourselves to get it to you as quickly as we possible. For custom orders and manufactured equipment we work with our suppliers to get the right products for you and confirm your order before you pay us. It’s slick like online shopping and personal as though you’d popped into your local store.

Your order is important to you, so it’s even more important to us. As Nikki mentioned, a number of our items are niche and not always easy to find, if that’s the case with your request, we work with you to find the best possible solution.

If you’re not sure please ask, we want to assist you

  • Are you a Dad looking for the perfect cricket wheelie bag for your little guy to cart his crazy cricket gear around?
  • A Head of Sport at school working on your equipment budget?
  • Want to get your basketball team kitted with new gear, but not sure where to start?
  • Are you a corporate and looking for a meaningful CSI initiative by sponsoring goal posts for a school?
  • No idea where you’d find chess clocks for a tournament your school is hosting?
  • Got a sports fun day at the office and the teams need custom kit?

We’ve likely done it, and if we haven’t, we would love to make it happen!